Sod Farming Technology

Van Agen Sod Harvesting Technology

The Van Agens’ using a walk behind sod cutter circa 1950’s. This was considered “cutting edge” technology at that time.

The next technological advances were sod harvesters attached to tractors. This is a three man job requiring one driver and two men on the back to stack the sod onto pallets. Each roll of sod is hand loaded onto a pallet or truck. New pallets are loaded manually once it is fully stacked. These machines are still in use.

The latest harvester technology is a Brouwer Robomax; it’s largely operated by 1 person. 

The sod rolls are picked up five at a time.

The pallet is lowered to the ground and a new one is put in place with hydraulics.

The finished product is ready for loading.

The Van Agen Sod Farm has used the most efficient, reliable Sod harvesting technology to provide the highest quality Sod around. Our Sod blend results in better insect and disease control, improved appearance, and an appealing, earlier green.

At Van Agen Sod Farm, we pride ourselves on our exceptional farming standards and practices, and high quality Sod products.

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