Sunflower Birdseed Michigan

Three years ago, our farm made the decision to add another crop in addition to the sod. We created Fatbird Seed and began planting black oil sunflower seed exclusively for use in bird feed. Fatbird is grown, harvested and packaged here on our farm in Bancroft, Michigan.

With farming, as in investing, crop diversification is a common practice. This is due to the supply and demand of sod (and other crops such as soybeans), changing commodity prices and crop rotation. (Rotating crops is a must to ensure healthy plants that provide a good yield).

We have planted 300 acres of sunflowers this year and we welcome everyone to drive by to see these amazing fields in bloom. Visit our Facebook pages, Van Agen Sod Farm and Fatbird Seed for updates.

So when you’re picking up some sod or just taking a drive in the country, stop by to enjoy the sunflowers and pick up a bag or two of Fatbird Seed.