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Van Agen Sod Harvesting Technology

The Van Agen's using a walk behind sod cutter circa 1950's. This was considered "cutting edge" technology at that time.
The next technological advances were sod harvesters attached to tractors. This is a 3 man job requiring one driver and 2 men on the back to stack the sod onto pallets.
The latest harvester technology is a Brouwer Robomax and is largely operated by one person..
Sod rolls being added to the pallet. The pallet is lowered to the ground and a new one is put in place with hydraulics.
Each roll of sod was hand loaded onto a pallet or truck.
Starting to stack sod on a new pallet. New pallets are loaded manually once it is fully stacked. These machines are still in use.
The sod rolls are picked up five at a time.
The finished product, ready for loading.